Journal to follow at the end of tenancy cleaning

To ensure return of deposit and the good impression of the house lord, you probably want to clean the entire house and every corner of the rooms at the end of tenancy cleaning. There are plenty of things to do, so a good idea is to make in advance a simple checklist with the tools and detergents needed for the different types of surfaces and objects. On the other hand, sketch a plan of the floors, the walls and the ceilings, and note from where to begin. Whether wiping off dust should be left as a last step or the cleaning of windows should be the last step of the end of tenancy cleaning. That`s only a hint of what`s to come and next is a short journal to follow with a few other easy steps:

– 1 – Begin with the largest rooms and then clean the smallest ones. Or else, if you live in a flat or a small apartment with a roommate – organize the cleaning with a little bit of help from your roommate. Clean the ceilings and especially the edges and the corners where they meet the walls. These are the edges where form darker colors and spots, especially if you smoke in the room or if you don`t clean these areas on a regular basis. The lamps are places not to miss as well, while the curtains or the other coverings of the windows are usually cleaned with the windows.

– 2 – Clean the windows. The direct and powerful sunlight enhances the evaporation of detergents and water. Because of that, a better idea is to leave the windows for a cloudy darker day with no direct sunlight, which makes the sprayed solution to dry momentarily and so to form long dry stretches or spots. Another great idea is to make a simple homemade cleaning solution instead of buying an expensive one or to call professional cleaners. Mix a tiny amount of vinegar, add water and a few drops of your favorite shampoo just for an aroma, stir well and spray onto the windows by cleaning with a towel.

– 3 – Clean the library and the books. It`s not needed to remove every book or magazine just to wipe off the dust and then to put it back on its place on the bookshelves. It`s just recommended to have a long flexible duster with long electrostatic charged fibers that attract the dust particles even with the most gentle passing near the books or the shelves.

– 4 – Clean all the other areas and objects on the walls. From removing the glued hangers on the backing of the doors and cleaning the traces from the gluing agent, to cleaning paintings, curtains, doors, shelves in the bathroom or kitchen equipment in the kitchen – there are plenty of things to do at this step. It`s perhaps the most time consuming step and it requires a myriad of cleaning detergents.

– 5 – The upholstery and floor coverings are also objects to keep in mind when it`s time for the end of lease or the end of tenancy cleaning. Most carpets and rugs have small labels on their backings and so you can easily find the perfect conditions and settings in order to make them flawlessly shining like new. Pre-vacuum the bigger sand particles, crumbs, stains and other blemishes, and then treat with deep cleaning solutions and detergents.

– 6 – Sanitize the entire house and especially the bathroom and the kitchen. This yet last step is very important if you have pets in the room, while after everything`s cleaned and refreshed – don`t forget to wipe off dust and to leave the windows open so the fresh air can penetrate freely. For more ideas check this website.

Written by Charlotte Madisson on behalf of cleaner picture